Electric and Electronic Systems
for Remote Data Delivery and Control
Power Systems Integrity, Inc. is an industry-leading product design and manufacturing firm based in Northborough, MA. We specialize in state-of-the-art automation systems and equipment that will reliably perform remote data delivery for monitoring and control of electric power systems.

PSI product solutions offer low cost with ease of installation and typically require no outages.  The products are well suited to both medium voltage and low voltage distribution systems. Our products, services and solutions are used by utility groups in System Planning, Operations and Maintenance, Construction, GIS Mapping and Smart Grid. PSI has established market driven products in the following areas:
PSI’s Phase ID System is fast, easy to use and will correctly identify the phase of any energized conductor.  The Phase ID results are permanently stored and easily retrieved as needed.  A Handheld Remote Unit allows Linemen to easily perform Phase Identification in manholes, vaults and in aerial buckets.  One reference will handle many users at the same time and you are never out of range with the largest service areas covered.

The system correctly identifies the phase and phase angle of any energized line or equipment in ~ one (1) second.  The PSI Phase ID system has a dynamic voltage range from 10V to 345KV AC

Phase ID System (Live Line Phase Identification)

CEMesh® (Secondary Network Monitoring System)

DLPID (Dead Line Phase Identification)

PSI’s DLPID System will correctly identify and verify the phase of any de-energized cable at a range in excess of 10 miles.  Cable grounds remain applied at all times. The results are shown on the easy to read LCD Display and permanently stored on a Web Server.  Linemen will expedite open auto feeder restoration and easily rack cables around in manholes.  Splicing crews will determine their own phasing and maintenance time is reduced.
PSI’s advanced Secondary Network Monitoring System measures and permanently logs the 3 phase Voltages, 3 phase Currents, Ambient Temperature, and 4 quadrant Phase Angle for as many locations as desired in your secondary grid. The CEMesh modular, scalable architecture provides an excellent companion to monitoring and sensing systems that are co-located at your transformers and network protectors. CEMesh provides excellent visibility into the network cabling beyond the vault. This could enable your condition-based maintenance to improve planning and performance.

The easy to install CEMesh system has field proven experience with tough conditions such as flooded manholes and lead cabling. Fully submersible, CEMesh installs quickly in any network manhole, vault, or other structure. No configuration of the equipment is required. CEMesh systems provide a comprehensive, web delivered data visualization system powered by industry standard database technology.